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22 November 2019 Expression
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SDL helps our clients to understand non-verbal communication and to avoid deception. We do this by providing online courses, training and specialist advice in areas of behaviour, emotional analysis and deception detection.

Founded by Stu Dunn, SDL also does Video Analysis (Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility), FACS Coding (Videos, pictures and animation), Sales Training, Body Language, Micro Expressions and Deception Detection Courses, Criminal and Private Investigations.

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Get your free e-book: Introduction to Body Language for Financial Success, Improving Relationships and Spotting Lies Click here for simple tips to help you get more clients and increase your revenue, build report quickly, be aware of others non verbal cues, spot when someone is being deceptive.
Emotions are immediate, automatic, and unconscious reactions. They are the closest thing humans have to a universal language.
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