Donald Trump’s Body Language
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1 September 2015 Expression
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22 February 2015 Expression
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SDL helps our clients to understand non-verbal communication and to avoid deception. We do this by providing online courses, training and specialist advice in areas of behaviour, emotional analysis and deception detection.

Founded by Stu Dunn, SDL also does Video Analysis (Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility), FACS Coding (Videos, pictures and animation), Sales Training, Body Language, Micro Expressions and Deception Detection Courses, Criminal and Private Investigations.

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Verbal Habits of Deceptive People - Vocal Quality. Voice quality is usually the least reliable indicator, however there are some clues that suggest deception (when found in a cluster of other cues): voice takes a higher pitch, long pauses before speaking, speaking at an overall slower rate with more errors and hesitations ("ums" and "ahs"), and the voice taking on a strained or tense quality. The issue here is that most of these items are subjective, what sounds stressed to one person may not be to another. Listen out for their tempo, tone and volume changes.
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