SDL Online Course
SDL Online Course
SDL Online Course: Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection

For a limited time, the SDL Online Course is available for only $99 USD (down from $499!).

Why do you need to do this course now? Besides all the benefits of massively increasing your emotional intelligence, overall awareness, and ability to present yourself, with the COVID-19 virus in full swing in the world, NOW is the most important time to learn to master nonverbal communication. Here's my top 2 additional reasons why you should take advantage right now:

1) The world was already moving heavily towards online interactions with others, and now with most of the world in self isolation, people are in danger of losing their ability to communicate altogether.

2) Being in lock down with family & loved ones can be an amazing time (me - I love spending so much time with my wife and family) - however for others it clearly shows holes in relationships that had perhaps otherwise been ignored (through work, sport, tv etc).

This self-paced full program first introduces you to accurately reading faces, interpreting body language and detecting deception - then builds upon this knowledge as you advance.

To read more about Stu's book; True Lies: A Guide to Reading Faces, Interpreting Body Language and Detecting Deception in the Real World, click here.

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False accounts may not be a lie. It is possible for people to misinterpret events, the meaning of other people's actions, and the motives that lead people to act one way or another.
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