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SDL Certification WorkshopsWith the average person lies 3 times for every 10 minutes of conversation, and around 55% of the messages that we send and receive convey to others people are transmitted through body language - it has become a necessity to better understand non-verbal communication in our daily lives.

It is because of this that SDL has created several hands on workshops that will engage, entertain, and educate participants in the areas of non-verbal communication. Click here to view the SDL Online Certification Training.

SDL Workshops

We provide in house training for companies (or groups). You provide the venue & people, we provide the training & workbooks*:

- Send your booking enquiry (including dates, location & expected numbers) here.

- Workshops can cover the 101 & 202 Certification material, or specific material designed for your particular company / group.

- Workshops are usually either half day, 1 day or 2 days. Enquire here for pricing.

* We provide workbooks for up to 30 participants, there will be an additional charge per workbook above this number.

Create the competitive edge with your company and gain an advantage in sales, negotiations, staff and customer screening plus so much more.

To read more about Stu's book; True Lies: A Guide to Reading Faces, Interpreting Body Language and Detecting Deception in the Real World, click here.

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There is no single sign of deception. There is no one gesture, facial expression or muscle twitch that means someone is being deceitful; there are only clues that the person is poorly prepared and clues of emotions that donít fit the person's line. The liar's (or subject's) words normally gain the most attention from the target (or interviewer); however these are the easiest to falsify. The next to gain the attention of the target is the subject's displayed emotions. Dr. Paul Ekman says; "The face is directly connected to those areas of the brain involved in emotion, and words are not." Like expressions, the voice is tied to areas of the brain involved in emotion. The body is an excellent source of leakage and deception clues as it is not directly linked to the areas of the brain involving emotions. This makes concealing a body movement easier than concealing facial expressions or emotion related voice changes, however targets can often ignore body movements while concentrating on other areas for leakage. And when a liar is concentrating on keeping their facial expressions and voice in check - they tend to forget their body language, which results in slips. These slips are what provide us with information on deception leakage, hotspots, or clues to deception.
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